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Mer Sable Soleil and the Environment

Our campsite is committed to protecting the environment

Mer Sable Soleil takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and for several years now we have been making our campsite more eco-friendly.

As part of our commitment to ecotourism:

  • We replaced the lightbulbs in the campsite’s outdoor lighting system with low energy bulbs.
  • We set up facilities for sorting recycling and collecting used batteries and lightbulbs.
  • Our greenery is watered by drip irrigation.
  • We monitor our water counters monthly to ensure any leaks are picked up fast.
  • We use biodegradable detergent for washing the bedding in our rental accommodation.
  • Our new Reception building with TV room and games room was built using Nordic pine and features wood frame construction, compressed wood-fibre insulation, low voltage lighting, light level and presence-detecting sensors, a rainwater collection system that channels roof runoff into a 10,000-litre underground tank so recycled rainwater is used for irrigating plants across part of the campsite.
  • Older mobile homes have been exchanged for new environmentally friendly O’HARA models, with stapling preferred, water-based adhesives without VOCs, solid wood from PEFC and FSC-certified sustainably managed forests, etc.
  • They are built in a factory less than 50 km away, resulting in reduced transportation and CO2.
  • The new mobile homes boast equipment to reduce water, gas and electricity consumption: energy-saving lighting, flow reducers on all taps, dual flush toilets, water heater without pilot light to reduce gas usage and electronically regulated convector heaters.

Environmentally friendly holidays

Environmental awareness guidance and energy-saving advice during the Sunday night Welcome session.

To help protect our planet, we print documentation on recycled paper and encourage you to download our brochure from our website.