mer sable soleil spot surf

Campsite Leucate Windsurf
near Port Leucate

Spots for surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers & funboarders near Camping Leucate

Go on vacation at the Leucate windsurf campsite and treat yourself to thrills even as spectators of these sliding sports such as windsurfing!
To buy or rent windsurfing equipment , do not hesitate to take a look at the shops in Leucate.
You will find equipment such as sails, boards, harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, vests, etc.
And don’t miss the Mondial du Vent 😉

Camping Mer Sable Soleil : plage leucate
voile spot leucate

Zone 1: Le Goulet Spot

Slalom spot, mandatory water start in the center of the body of water.

When the Tramontane is slow to come in or on the contrary, when it runs out of steam, we always register one or two more forces on this spot!

Funboard club: Wesh Center Crew course, rental

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle spot

surf spot la Passe

Zone 2: La Passe Spot

Between “Le Goulet” and “La Mine”.

Ideal for learning the water start by Tramontane, the wind always brings you back to the edge. For lovers of jumps, very big chop from 5 to 6 beauforts. 1m50 of waves allows you to send “loops” to starboard! Parking at the mine spot.

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle spot

spot de la mine leucate

Zone 3: La Mine Spot

Speed spot by sailor or Tramontana, in this area you can walk everywhere! Ideal for initiation , evolutions (jibing, duck jibing…) and speed because the wind raises a light chop which does not alter your speed.

Magnificent setting, burst guaranteed!

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle spot

Camping Mer Sable Soleil : spot parc à huitres

Zone 4 Spot: The Oyster Park

Water start not mandatory, shallow, this spot is reassuring for beginners. Spot open to all and in all wind directions.

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle spot

Mer Sable Soleil Campsite: Kite Beach

Zone 5: Spot La Mer

By sailor, in front of Mer Sable Soleil, kite and windsurf spot !

Wave and surf, fun guaranteed !

Direct departure in Stand Up Paddle for superb ballads or surfing by sea wind!

Spot for Kitesurfing , Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle

Mer Sable Soleil Campsite: Planche Lafranqui

Zone 6: Spot La Franqui

Mythical spot of the Mondial du Vent , sail in the wake of the greatest!

Spot for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle