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fairy cave

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The fairy cave

Do you dream of taking a break and meeting up with your family in a totally unusual place, full of history and natural? The solution is all found! In the department of Aude , south of the town of Leucate , rich in approximately 17 km of beach, stands the cave of the fairies which is a destination not to be missed. Historic monument of the town of Leucate, this cave is waiting for you to reveal its many secrets.

The Fairy Cave: learn everything about it and make your visit unforgettable!

Discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by Th. and Ph. Héléna, the fairy cave has been listed as a historical monument since 1924. The existence of this cave dates back to the Eneolithic period, that is to say around 2000 BC. J.-C. Several studies even assess its existence at a much more remote moment in history. At the time of its discovery, the cave made it possible to discover several elements rich in history, including scattered bones, period objects such as terracotta figurines representing deities, flint knives, bone beads, ornate pottery, claw pendants, incised vases, or even ax polishers.

The fairy cave of Leucate: a dream location

Located very close to the pond of the town of Leucate, a few minutes from the Mer Sable Soleil campsite, the cave of the fairies has 3 different entrances which lead to submerged hoses approximately 120 meters long and 34 meters deep. You will undoubtedly be able to enjoy good times with your family between the Mer Sable Soleil campsite, the cave and the kilometers of beach available .

Easy to spot, the different entrances to the fairy cave will give you access to a mysterious and unique universe that will take you back in time. Cave paintings, engravings, low ceiling, absolute silence, humidity and freshness await you there. Bring a flashlight and enjoy every moment inside this cave with your family!